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Each course is taught on a single day each week allowing the student the flexibility to take a class one-day per week. Each class is 6 weeks long, which includes the assignments and a final paper depending on instructor requirements.

Some additional classes are held on Wednesday evenings and vary in length from 11 to 13 weeks. Additionally, weekend seminars and conferences are provided to enhance the students educational and spiritual training and experience 



Students at Christ College are expected to be high school graduates or to have successfully completed the High School Equivalency Exam (G.E.D.) prior to enrollment.

The Dean carefully reviews each application. Each applicant must have a vital experience of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. The evidence of this experience, and the Christian life consistent with Christian standards, must be witnessed by the admission application references.

Students are expected to complete the discipleship program (Christianity 101, Encounter Retreat, Discipleship 201 and Spiritual Formation 301) or equivalent in order to graduate from Christ College. Auditing Students are exempt from the required completion of the discipleship program. However, it is strongly encouraged. In addition, students should be participating in some form of ministry within their church or community.

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