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Christ College is a part of the vision God has given both Apostolic Teams International and Destiny Life Church as an Apostolic Center to further equip leaders for the church in every place. Christ College has been a vision and dream for decades. Several attempts have been made to join with other schools and each time the process did not produce our desired result. We have come to the conclusion it is our responsibility to equip those whom God has given to us with the spiritual DNA of the kingdom and formation that comes through spiritual fathers and mothers. 

Christ College is a byproduct of years of leadership and mentoring that has come about for the past four decades. A wealth of wisdom and guidance make up the value of the school. The goal is training the students with the assurance that each participant receives the equivalent to a two-year Bible school along with being equipped by seasoned five-fold leaders.


We at Christ College believe the scriptures teach that fruitful ministry takes place as a result of a yielded heart to the ways and purposes of God. Knowing God must be the priority for any serious student who desires to be a useful tool in the hands of the Master.


Training models shown in the scriptures present a wonderful blend of truth taught and the experience of practical application in ministry. It is the heartbeat of Christ College to produce men and women who are passionately pursuing a relationship with Christ and are able to apply biblical truths in everyday life and ministry.

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